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FULL MOVIE – Roark Comptons: The Motion Picture


Why not bother your friends?

He was once the most powerful agent in Hollywood, but then things grew cold. Real cold. He was abandoned like an unwanted prom-baby, ditched into the dumpster known as the real world.

Now, trying to get back on his metaphorically unwanted abandoned prom-baby feet, he moves in with a deviant who promises free rent for odd favors in return, makes an attempt to become a stand-up comedian, and unwillingly fall in love.

But can he learn the errors of his ways? Can he let love take over his heart? Will he get shot by diamond thieves in that one sequence that makes no sense (honestly, we don’t know why it’s in there). Find out in… Roark Comptons: The Motion Picture.

Directed by: Mark Potts
Written by: Mark Potts and Brand Rackley
Executive Produced by: Jamie Potts
Produced by: Nick Tankersley, Mark Potts, and Brand Rackley
Singletree Productions 2012



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