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FULL MOVIE: Stanton Family Grave Robbery


Why not bother your friends?

After their father’s death, the two oldest Stanton sons decide the best thing to do for their father, and the worst thing to do to their stepmother, is to kidnap their younger brother and dig up their father to take him home to Oklahoma.



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2 Responses:

  1. Jacob says:

    I recently watched Cinema Six on Amazon Prime and found it hilarious. Since then I have searced high and low to find an outlet/service to watch your other movies such as “Stanton Family Grave Robbery,” “Simmons on Vinyl” etc. After finding this website I concluded there was/is no way to see the films unless I have a “Vimeo” password. I sent an e-mail to your g-mail account expressing a similar message. If there is any way I could receive the Vimeo password, or you have any suggestions on how I should go about viewing other films by your production company, then I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time, and “try to keep from being a dick.”


  2. Jacob says:

    P.S.-The Bill Hader cameo at the end of Cinema Six was on point. Fucking Hilarious!